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Active service title: Rev. Mary Brooks

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Welcome to the Spirit Within, the online home of the Universal Spiritualist Centre. We are a modern non denominational Spiritualist Church serving all who are seeking the Spirit Within.

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Friday, March 31'23-In Person Mediumship Dem

In Person Mediumship Demonstration
Mediums: Deborah White, Alan Holmes, Mary Brooks, Debbie Girard.
Time: 7-9pm...Cost $20
Venue: Evergreen Cultural Center,
1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam
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April 14'23-Message Night - Rev. Mary Brooks

2nd Friday of the Month - Message Night with Medium Mary Brooks... Always an interesting evening so join us for a night of Mediumship...
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April 28'23 - Topic: Meditation Exploration

4th Friday of the Month - Patricia Giannasi is our Facilitator. Join Patricia for an interactive evening of meditation, discussion on different ways to meditate, and reasons why it calms us.

Fee: $10 - Click link to Register

May 6'23 - In Person Mini Readings

We are still working out the final details and will have the list of readers soon.
The event will be at the Cameron Community Center in Burnaby.
Watch for more info to come....

We Promote spiritual progress…

Sometimes that means discovering on our own, and sometimes that means finding some guidance. We are here to support your journey and would love to hear from you. We're excited that you've come to visit our website. Please reach out if you have any questions

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Sunday Service and Friday Evening Program schedules can change weekly as they are always unique and expanding. Stay up to date on what’s next by visiting our Calendar page.


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