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Welcome to the Spirit Within, the online home of the Universal Spiritualist Centre. We are a modern non denominational Spiritualist Church serving all who are seeking the Spirit Within.

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Sunday, July 7'24 - In Person Service

Welcome to our Speaker: Deborah White

Location: Pitt Meadows Community Church Hall
(time change due to Hall Mgmt Booking error)

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July 12'24 - Message Night

Medium: Rev. Mary Brooks
Mary is a an experienced Medium, Healer, Teacher and current Minister of USC. She has dedicated her life to spirit work and all of the healing, comfort and joy it brings to so many.
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Sunday, July 19'24 Practicing Mediums

Facilitator: Deborah White
Deborah is a well trained and experienced medium. She loves to support and encourage budding mediums. You can practice your connection with the spirit world.
Or you can practice being a good message receiver
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Annual Picnic In The Park - August 17'24

Where: Queens Park In New Westminster
Time: 11am-2:30pm
Details on what to bring and what we will be doing on the website. It is a fun day...come and join us.

We Promote spiritual progress…

Sometimes that means discovering on our own, and sometimes that means finding some guidance. We are here to support your journey and would love to hear from you. We're excited that you've come to visit our website. Please reach out if you have any questions

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Sunday Service and Friday Evening Program schedules can change weekly as they are always unique and expanding. Stay up to date on what’s next by visiting our Calendar page.


Universal Spiritualist Centre is currently meeting online. 

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