August 20th, 2022 - Picnic in the Park

So excited to share pictures from our first in person gathering. It was so nice to see people we haven't seen since the pandemic started and to meet people for the first time. We had around 15 turn out on a hot day but we had a breeze and lots of shade. Debbie and Roger brought a tent for a bit more shade. Joseph brought his camera and took some lovely pictures as did Cindy Shoemaker. Everyone brought a lunch and of course there were those lovely people who brought goodies to share. We had two sweep dogs join us and as we were thinking it was time to pack up we had a surprise visitor who was not a member!!! Mr. Bear sauntered on through, away from us but still gives a bit of a shock.
We all loved the day and suggested we do another one when the weather a bit cooler and at a place easier to find....another park? a restaurant? We are working on and will keep you posted.
Hugs...Rev. Mary (yes there were lots of hugs, sweet)