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What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism Is…

We believe there is no death, that life continues and through mediumship we are able to connect and communicate with those in the spirit world. Spiritualism is a way of life: A Philosophy, a Science, and a Religion. The practical application of Spiritualism is to use our reason, to practice compassion and kindness, to lead the best life we can. To know we are spirit now experiencing this material life and to give service wherever we can. Spiritualism covers a very wide field, and often situations in life spark the desire to know more and so we become seekers of knowledge in our wish to know the spirit within.

Wherever there is life, there is Spirit; and wherever there is Spirit, there is life.

Spiritualists are not tied to a creed or dogma. The seven principles are guidelines
only, and people are encouraged to interpret them for themselves.

The Seven Principles

We have modernized the words, but our intention is to stay true to the original Seven Principles:

  1. The Divine Source (known as God)
  2. The Unity of Life
  3. Communion and Communication with Spirit
  4. The Continuous Existence of the Soul
  5. Personal Responsibility for All Thoughts, Words and Deeds
  6. Reward and Consequence According to God's Natural Laws
  7. Eternal Progress Open to Every Soul

More information

We offer many opportunities to learn more about Spirit, Spiritualism and often our greatest learning is about ourselves as a spirit. For more information, questions use the contact form.