Saturday, May 25, 2024 | 10:00 am

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Saturday, May 25, 2024 | 10:00 am (Timezone: America/Vancouver PST)

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Online Mini Readings - May 25 2024

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Time: 10am - 2pm
Cost: $40 for 30 min

Readers: Alan Holmes, Deborah White, Heather Moore, Mary Brooks
It is First Come - First Served...

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Cost: $40

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Rev. Alan Holmes

Alan has demonstrated and taught in Canada the US and Iceland and has been teaching various courses online during these past two years with much success.
Demonstrations of mediumship can be such a wonderful expression of spirit and can also be an avenue for spirits to prove the intelligence of their world. It is a comforting thought to know that loved ones are still able to communicate with us, but also, to some degree, guide us. Many messages during a demonstration of mediumship not only give upliftment to the individual receiving the message but can inspire and bring hope to those in the audience, “that life goes on and loved ones care for us and want us to improve as individuals”.
One of the great lessons in life is, “Forgiveness is the Greatest Karmic Release that one can give to oneself or to another”.
It is a message often brought about by the spirit world.


Debora White

Deborah White

Deborah White is a well-known Clairvoyant medium, Spiritual teacher, counsellor /coach and medical intuitive. She specializes in assisting people to make communication links with spirit and the higher self. Her aim is to help others with self-growth, higher knowledge, and healing the physical and emotional body. Her belief is that people can become fully aligned with their higher knowing while enjoying their path of self development and physical health. Deborah is a highly intuitive and accomplished educator. She has been a passionate student of the intuitive arts for many years. She has studied at the world-renowned Arthur Findley College, Stanstead England, Kingswells College, Aberdeen, Scotland and the College of Medical Intuition, British Columbia, Canada. Deborah also holds a Bachelor of Social Work Degree, UBC and a Masters Degree in Applied Behavioural Science, Seattle, U.S.A.


Rev. Heather Moore

Rev. Heather Moore is a well trained medium and Ordained Minister who resides in the Okanagan area of BC, Canada.
A long time ago, I ventured into the SA (then known as the ISA), totally not knowing what to expect and more than a bit nervous. One service was all it took to know that this place was exactly what I needed and where I needed to be. As I started to find answers, I also found more questions. I began coming to opens circles, then closed circles, to evolving ability classes, and healing classes, my road to mediumship had begun. My mind was beginning to open-up to all kinds of possibilities. I have been very lucky to have been tutored by some of the best mediums of our time including Eileen Davies, Glyn Edwards, Scott Milligan, Leah Bond and Mavis Patilla. Not to mention the many tutors I have had the pleasure to train with locally such as Joyce Tarvin, Lyn Wells, Anna Beverage, Ann Siddaway, Ann Larson, and Mary Brooks. I have been to Scotland, England, Wales, the US and Canada fulfilling my need to learn and grow. My wish is to be of service for the Spirit World in whatever way I can.


Rev. Mary Brooks

Rev. Mary Brooks

Mary is a an experienced Medium, Healer, Teacher and current Minister of USC.
She has been a Spiritualist for over 35 years and began studying Spiritualism seriously 25 years ago.

Mary still runs Spiritual Development Circles, and has for many years. She continues to participate in fundraising events such as Mediumship Demonstrations, Mini Readings, Healing Demonstrations, as well as private work online and in person.

Mary enjoys fun events like our Christmas Social and Summer Picnic in the Park, which is all about sharing joy and laughter. It's about bringing people together, whether online or in person.

Mary has dedicated her life to spirit work and all of the healing, comfort and joy it brings to so many no matter the event…She believes that all we do is an opportunity to shine our light ….how wonderful is that!!!